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From: katharine
Date: 2001-09-03 06:35:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Vaccinations

Caity wrote:
<I think premedication does help. Two of my ferts
had reactions to rabies
vaccines last year and were premedicated before
their vaccinations this
year. <

I tend to agree. I believe it enough that I do
premedicate all of mine. This past time, Champ
and Dillon both reacted after we got home. I had
to take them back. Champ had reacted once before,
maybe when he was a baby. He had been fine ever
since and then reacted this year. I try to
vaccinate the ones with a reaction history first.

I premedicate everyone because my experience is
that you can't go by prior history all of the
time. I haven't seen a pattern with reactions.

When I mentioned that my vet doesn't think
premedicating for three days prior does any good,
I was only talking about Benadryl. I can't speak
for his position on using dexamethasone for three
days prior.