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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-09-03 10:09:00 UTC
Subject: Re: : Questions re: death by heat

I don't think it can be determined with any certainty what the cause
of death was, but possibility of exposure to fumes, or chemicals?
I also would think they would have been spread out had it been
the heat. If there was water in the cage they may have even tried
to get wet? It is a very sad story and a reminder to us all how
fragile these guys are, and careful we have to be.

They both had insulinoma, and other health problems, making them
much more suseptible to stress, and heat, or other environmental

Just pointing out other possibilities since there is nothing to be done
now, and if the owner believes this person meant no harm, and is
to be so understanding, I believe we should do the same.


> I'm very sorry to hear about Icabod and Emeline. It is definitely
> possible that it was heat related. What are the odds that they
> would
> die together, each of their their individual illnesses? Extremely
> remote I think. I'm sorry, putting them on the window sill where
> they could be exposed to the direct sun, which they could not avoid,
> and then going to work is neglect. What the hell was she thinking?
> mike
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