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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-03-04 12:50:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Boo Boo on Sid's Pee Pee and
Ellie's a


No one seems to have tackled this one yet, so I'm going to jump in.
Besides, I'm procrastinating from house cleaning :-)
> I was concerned about Sid, my three year old males penis. It was very red
> the other day for a few days? Now it seems fine? I was feeling his lower
> abdomen and I felt a long thin hard line from his penis down. Is this his
> urethra?

Actually, it is his bacula, the bone that supports the penis.

I have know idea if it is normal. We have an appointment tomorrow.
> My vet tends to give amoxi for all ailments and I hate to give meds if they
> are not really needed. We have decided to give our little Ellie Lupron as
> soon as we can get some to treat her swollen vulva. It just seems to soon to
> do another surgery. It really bothers me that her symptoms are so different.
> She weights 2lbs 7oz now. Her hair has re-grown, but did before the
> surgery. It is not completely back over the incision area. She is active
> enough and has no appetite. Her only symptom seems to be a swollen vulva.
> Has anyone experienced any negative side affects from the 4 month Lupron
> injection?

Not so far, but I haven't used it much.

Is there a chance she might not really need it and if I give it
> too her it could cause more of a problem. The Tenn. Panel is not really an
> option. Our local vet does not even really draw blood. We could go to our
> surgeon but I understand it is not really 100% reliable?

No veterinary procedure is 100% reliable, nor is any human medical
procedure. However, removing an adrenal is pretty final, if that is
the only gland causing disease. Ferrets are prone to ectopic or
extra adrenal tissue, and that can start up after an initial surgery,
elsewhere in the abdomen. Or, it is the other adrenal gland. Me, if
they are a good candidate for anesthesia, I go remove the bad
gland/tissue if possible.
Hope this helps,
-Dr. Karen
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