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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-09-03 17:29:00 UTC
Subject: Re: vaccine reactions (Anyone have STUDY REFS, or
up-to-date info?)

Pat posted a list of some ferrets who had reacted to vaccines and
shortly afterward showed signs of a range of serious illnesses, as
well as mentioning knowledge of other ferrets who had no
temporally-close illnesses. She wondered if undiagnosed illnesses may
set the stage for reactions or have some form of effect.

> Connection???? Do some of these reactors have underlying problems >
>which for some reason contributes to the reaction? It doesn't happen
>all the
> time. I do have two here that react but are perfectly healthy. It just seems
> odd

I am a person who developed severe allergies suddenly in my 20s,
beginning with a bout of anaphylaxia after a marvelous dinner party.
I do NOT know if this is still the prevailing wisdom, but at the time
I dealing with two simultaneous severe health problems, a tropical
illness necessitating PT, and prolific intra-ductal papillomae that
required surgery. Steve and I were also about to be wed and were
throwinwho saw me when I reacted all told me that health related
stresses can set the stage for the beginnings of allergic reactions,
esp. sudden strong ones. *** I do NOT know if that is still
believed; it was 22 years ago that they said this, so it could have
been a believed myth or it might have real bearing for some

One thing i have found interesting is that I have heard several folks
wonder if emotional stress could be at all related to later reactions
when they described reactions. Now, epineprin (adrenalin) is given
to help stop such reactions, so it would seem that it would not be
likely, and I personally tend in that direction but know that this is
nothing beyond hypothetical in either direction, and on the other
hand, there sure are such things as exercise induced asthma attacks
so I don't know if epinephrin may play a part in those or if it is
more respiratory rate or another factor.

I would personally love to know much more about whether physical or
emotional stress have been formally studied in any mammals in
relation to allergic reactions, and have some details of such studies.

My brain feels like the plant in that musical which demanded, "FEED me!"