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From: Lynn McIntosh
Date: 2001-09-03 20:37:00 UTC
Subject: FAIML officially closed

Hi! There has not been a post to the Ferret Adrenal Insulinoma Mailing
List (FAIML) for some time now so I think it is well nigh time to make
the closing of the list official. From my standpoint it has been a
wonderful list to moderate and be part of and I will miss it! However
most subscribers who formerly posted to FAIML are now posting to
the Ferret Health List (FHL), which is a natural and good progression
given the FHL's capacity for more messages, the website, pics, and
more. Also I think it makes good sense for one list to deal with all
health problems, which optimizes the time of vets who are on the list, for
one, and is simply more inclusive, for another.

The FAIML was a wonderful list in its time and it is certainly with some
sadness that I say goodbye, however I know I will "see" many of you
around in cyberspace. I shall keep the database of subscribers on hand
on the very off chance it should be needed for any reason. As usual, the
subscriber database, though, won't be shared with anyone beyond my
computer. Also, when I get subscriber inquiries for FAIML I will refer
folks to the FHL and the FML.

With that, and with some sadness but great gratitude for all we shared
together, I bid a fond farewell - but only in regards this particular list! -
to each and every one of you. Thank you for the journey....

Ferret hugs always,
Lynn McIntosh and the now incredibly tiny but mighty
Gang of Two Girls!