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From: Pam McInnis
Date: 2001-09-03 23:33:00 UTC
Subject: Adrenal Ferret

First, although I'm new to the list and missed the full story of
Icabod and Emeline, I was sorry to hear of their passing. My heart
goes out to you!
I'm Pam, an owner/person owned by five ferrets in the Baltimore
area. My oldest, Weaz, had surgery for tumors on both adrenal glands
and insulinoma back in April, and is doing great today. He's almost
six, but has the energy of a much younger ferret since his surgery.
His "sister" Callie is showing signs of being adrenal. She goes to
the vet with Weaz this Saturday. Although I won't make any decisions
until talking with our vet, I worry that Callie is a poor candidate
for surgery. She's always been more frail, thin and sickly than my
other ferrets, and she's also six.
Has anyone had experience with an adrenal ferret who has been
treated with medication versus surgery? Or experience with an older,
sicklier ferret who has done well after surgery? I'm just trying to
weigh all the pros and cons and make the best decision possible for
my little girl. We have a wonderful vet who did more for Weaz than I
would have dreamed possible, so I know whatever we do she'll be in
excellent hands. I'm just looking to hear from those who may have
had a similar experience.

Pam McInnis

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