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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-09-04 12:15:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Seeking some food advice -- kibble without ANY poultry

In case anyone else can use this information all in one note, here
are the responses I had (on and off list) about foods for one who is
being checked for possible food allergies:


Russ: Eukanuba Lamb and Rice


Tansy: homemade

I have not checked any of these, yet, beyond the website reading but
wanted to incorporate them all in one useful place for other folks.

It's not likely to be the cause of Scooter's problems (esp. since he
did not respond well to steroids except for each time they were
bumped-up but does respond somewhat to a long run of a mix of Flagyl,
Amoxi, and Pepto), but it's one more "just in case" thing for us to
check into. Most likely he'll need an intestinal biopsy with hopes
that will help figure this out since all else has been normal. As you
guessed we are trying to postpone that a while; he stressed badly
when he had his surgery about five months ago and we are trying to
reassure him as well as possible. Meanwhile, it's low-grade enough
that he isn't wasting, though he sure isn't thriving. He's never
been one to thrive, though; he arrived here with a hand deformity
that two corrective surgeries fixed, and there is certainly the
chance that he's got some hidden structural aberrations causing this
that have not, yet, been discovered. I would suppose it might be
possible (?) that he received some injury related to his bad
"furball" (actually fleece) that had inflamed multiple organs that
have long-term ramifications. If so, definite indications of such
have not been found, yet. Except when he prolapses he does not
behave as if he is pain, but he's not living life to the fullest due
to intermittent loose stools, so we'll just keep trying. One other
possibility is that he has an antibiotic resistant strain of some
long-term infection such as Helicobacter which is why he's on such a
long run now. (In his case Biaxin was not of help, and Clavamox made
no difference.) Oh, and we do have marvelous, kind. ferret-expert
vets and they do consult with other ferret-expert vets; Scooter's
just a difficult case, and we personally do want him more emotionally
secure before he's cut again.