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Date: 2001-09-04 11:36:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] The affect of stress on ferrets -
and foods

Hi Hillary and all :)

I have been using Collidal Silver for several things. one is stress related

Little Zeffy died more of a horrible ulcer in her stomach than the adrenal.
I had silver, but failed to use it as often as i should have. because it was
once used for stomach ulcers (before 1950 or before) i am now using it for
Bianca on a regular basis. the cats seem to be causeing her some stress.

Her fur is soft and shiney, she is very healthy.

I prefer the de-ionized water Collidal Silver. There is one in a coblat blue
bottle and one by GNC. I have been happy with both of those. i have used
some without the de-ionized water, and the bottle and the dropper became
brown with the silver, and got lighter in color and didnt seem to work as
well, because more was needed to get the same amount.

i put a small amount in a dropper bottle, to keep the larger one more
sterile. be sure to place in glass bottle as it will keep longer.

i start with one dropper or a bit more twice a day and then after a while,
once things start clearing up, i then go to once a day, when the ferret does
not want any more... slack off. if they only want a lick or two.. that is
fine too.

too much silver will/can cause diarrhea. but i have only noticed this after
things were balanced.

you might try a small amount at a time and see how it is working. it costs
about $25+ per bottle.

as for the change of food.... do it slowly and mix some of the origional
food in with it slowly eliminating the older food.

after using lots of different foods, i have been very happy with Nature's
Recipe Feline Maintenance or what ever they are calling it now.... but it is
Nature's Recipe. it is NOT made by NUTRO, it is a seperate brand and has NO
corn in it.

i know other who have switched and have had good results and better health.

you might want to add a bit more oil to the diet. but not while your baby is
not doing well... you need to get things balanced first.

make things easy to digest, make sure things are well watered down as they
need to stay hydrated... about 1-2oz a day.

i am not sure if this will help.. but 'the dog listener" has help on how to
help train the stressful dog, or to train you :) you might want to check
it out at the library.

best of luck :)

who is looking for a better pain killer than rimadyl for the dog