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From: Michele Abel Focer
Date: 2001-09-04 17:22:00 UTC
Subject: RE; Adrenal Disease AGAIN

Hi everyone! I have a quick question. Will a Lupron shot help
stop the itching in my boy whom I suspect has adrenal disease
again? His vet appointment is this Friday, to probably draw
blood for a Tennessee Panel test. I know this test takes weeks
to come back, so in the meantime, will a lupron shot help with
his excessive itching? I feel so bad for him! I am pretty sure
it is adrenal again, as he only had the left one removed 2
1/2 years ago, and is now showing the same symptoms, of a
little hair loss, and excessive itching ALL OVER! My other 2
babies, had adrenal surgery this May, and are now fine . This
is the second time for my 2 boys now, so that makes 100% of my
ferrets have had adrenal disease. So if anyone is keeping
score, there's another statistic for you. Thanks for your
input, Michele and the fur gang