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Date: 2001-09-04 16:08:00 UTC
Subject: Insulinoma question


Bandit's blood glucose reading at the doctor's office two 1/2 weeks ago was
45 (in house test). The doctor put him on clavimox for his teeth and gums
and . 50 pred (1x a day). To be honest I don't see much improvement, he's
still sleeping all the time and right after he eats he goes and digs in the
newspapers (I'm not sure if this means he's nauseous???) Tonight when I fed
him (science a/d and babyfood) I gave him pepcid a/c 30 minutes before the
meal to help his tummy. Bandit again after he ate went digging and then he
looked like he was slightly rocking his head staring in space. I got nervous
so I gave him another dose of the pred at . 50 again.

Does the digging represent tummy pain or nausea??

Should I increase the pred from (1x) a day to (2x) a day?? Oh I forgot to
mention I had his BG done a few days ago to see if the pred was helping and
the reading was 73.

Is it okay to give clavimox, pred and pepcid at the same time and should I
spread them apart? When is the best time to give the pepcid?

My vet suggested that I take 10 mg of pepcid a/c and crush it and add 15 ml
of water give .5 ml twice a day. I mixed the ingredients a month ago and it
still sitting in a dropper bottle is it okay to use?? does it need to be
refrigerated and when does it go bad?

One last question XXXX sent me a post a while ago and said "Regrowth of a
previously extirpated adrenal is a difficult thing-and is often associated
with malignancy." Bandit had cryosurgery on the right gland and I just
figured maybe they didn't get all the cells, but I'm not sure what extirpated
means and if XXXX assuming it was all removed and then grew back??

Do you have any opinions on Devil's Club for insulinomic ferrets? Do you
think the alcohol in the tincture can be harmful? it also is available in a
glycerin instead of alcohol. What purpose do you thing the alcohol serves??

Thanks very much,