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From: Cap & Stormie
Date: 2001-09-04 22:44:00 UTC
Subject: Potatoe update for those who cared...

Well, we just got back from the vet, and what was really shaping up
to be a bad Tuesday after a bad weekend (my rather new truck was
ripped off early Sunday morning, and found in a bayou), ended

While Karen, and I were sitting in XXXXXX Karen was the first to
notice that Potatoe has finally gained some color to her pads of her
feet. What? Not only her feet, but her nose, ears, and gums. Now I
had just given her the very close once over last night like I always
do, and things were pretty much the same. Not so now.

Just since last night she has gained a lot of color. Doc XXXX came in
to get her to pull some blood, and could not believe this was the
same little girl knocking on Death's door a week ago. She had no
trouble getting a sample this time. No iso, no trouble, and while not
perfect, the color was WAY better. Off to the back to get a count.

We came in expecting to give her the rest of Ozzy, and Bongo's
donation. We left with an unexpected 'crit' of 21%.

My little Miracle girl.....

Thank you XXXXX. Thank you XXXXX. Thank you very much all
who wrote, offered advise, or just support. It made all the
difference in the world.