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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-04 20:21:00 UTC
Subject: Fwd: Dayna Frazier Has Crossed the Bridge

Judith White of SOS sent this obit:

>Subject: Dayna Frazier Has Crossed the Bridge
>Status: U
>Saturday night about 11 p.m., Dayna Frazier joined her many beloved
>ferrets who were waiting for her across the Rainbow Bridge. She is
>probably a stranger to some of you, but she was a frequent
>contributor to the FML in the past. I first "met" her as she posted
>what she came to call "The Foggy Chronicles," the story of a
>severely abused ferret named Friend Of God (FOG), or "Foggy." At
>that time, Dayna was sheltering ferrets in California. Later she
>moved to Virginia where she has continued to care for and shelter
>many ferrets, using her considerable medical knowledge and her deep
>love for these special fur children. More of you may remember her
>posts about Bea, the ferret girl with the broken back and the
>beautiful spirit. One shelter owner was reminiscing this evening
>about the incredible strength Dayna had spent the time to help Bea
>develop, so that she could happily scramble up curtains and around
>the room as though she were not paralyzed and atrophied from the rib
>cage down. Many people might have let that little one go, but not
>Dayna, or at least not without a fight.
>Dayna contracted pneumonia in mid-December and has been in a
>hospital or rehab since then, except for a few days when she was
>able to return home to see her ferrets. God has always watched over
>Dayna and her babies, and he continued to do so to the end. One of
>her neighbors, not even a ferret person, went over twice a day to
>feed and water the ferrets. A woman, who knew Dayna because her
>husband had fixed Dayna's computer and Dayna had helped them with
>their two ferrets, visited Dayna every day, coordinated everything
>that needed to be done, and saw to it that Dayna was moved to the
>rehab where she worked when Dayna was ready. Soon Dayna insisted on
>going home to take care of her babies although no one was sure her
>breathing would ever recover. It meant so much to her to see the 23
>ferrets who were waiting for her, and she was able to spend a few
>days with them. Unfortunately, the pneumonia had done too much
>damage to her lungs. She had to return to the hospital and became
>unable to breathe on her own. Last night she crossed over with
>family at her bedside.
>Dayna was like no one else. Out of a terrible life, she found her
>identity in caring for ferrets. Her Woozle Goo nourished many
>ferrets back to health. Her knowledge helped many ferret owners.
>Her personal story gave inspiration to the people who knew her well
>because she had overcome so much and had her own unique strength.
>Her grateful and respectfully friendly relationship with God seemed
>as natural as a sunrise: "Good morning, Sir. Nice job! This is a
>really splendid day you've made today." Tonight Eric and I thanked
>God for making Dayna and bringing her into our lives.
>When Dayna had to return to the hospital, several ferret shelters in
>Virginia coordinated taking in her ferrets. Marlene Blackburn
>arrived to pick them up, and Faith Hood drove to Marlene's shelter
>to take 14 of them to her own shelter. All of the ferrets are doing
>very well. If anyone would like to make a contribution in Dayna's
>memory, you could give a gift to Marlene and Faith by sending it to:
> Marlene Blackburn
> Richmond Ferret Rescue League
> 2940 Dundas Road
> Richmond, VA 23237