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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-09-05 01:53:00 UTC
Subject: Re:] Insulinoma question

According to the dictionary, extirpated means to pull out by the
roots, or to destroy completely. If the gland was removed
then a pathology report should have identified if it was malignant,
but i guess the point if that regrowth of a previously
removed tumor is not a good sign.

It is hard to comment on the prednisone dose without knowing
the concentration you are giving. For insulinoma they start around
0.5mg/kg/day and go up to 2 mg/kg/day where you max out-
if you have not reached the desired effect by then there is little
chance prednisone will do the job,and i believe progylcem can
be added.

I can't answer your other questions and think your vet is the right
one to answer most of them, as far as the pepcid I don't think
it has to be refrigerated but needs to be discarded after a week or
so and remade. I got a big box of 2mg tablets for less than $10.

Some controversy or the effect of Devil's club so I'll leave it to the
believers to discuss, as far as what purpose the alcohol serves it
just about a good a question as what purpose any of the ingredients
serve. There was a good thread here about it a few months back so
put it into the archives and do a search, you will get a more unbiased
opinion that way.
Of course, sometimes when you run out of treatment options, these
alternative therapies may not be a bad thing.

Good luck,


On Tue, 4 Sep 2001 20:08:28 EDT cjbandit@a... writes:
> Hi,
> Should I increase the pred from (1x) a day to (2x) a day?? Oh I
> forgot to
> mention I had his BG done a few days ago to see if the pred was
> helping and
> the reading was 73.
> One last question XXXX sent me a post a while ago and said "Regrowth
> of a
> previously extirpated adrenal is a difficult thing-and is often
> associated
> with malignancy." Bandit had cryosurgery on the right gland and I
> just
> figured maybe they didn't get all the cells, but I'm not sure what
> extirpated
> means and if XXXX assuming it was all removed and then grew back??
> Thanks very much,
> Christina
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