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From: estellejackson
Date: 2001-09-05 05:58:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Spindle cell tumours

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From: Steve Austin
Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2001 2:27 AM

I mean is the diagnosis consistent with a poor prognosis,
there is a good chance the tumors can't be removed in full?

May be a stupid question, but are the tumors coming from all
the same place-
could it be recurrence more than anything else? Is
undiferentiated cells the same
as malignancy?

On Sun, 2 Sep 2001 01:34:06 +0100 "estellejackson"
<> writes:
I wrote to the list 2 to 3 months ago re. my 2 year old
He had had 3 or 4 tumours removed that had come back as
"undiferentiated spindle cell sarcomas". The labs do not
think they are related to each other but I am convinced
that they are + that it may have something to do with
damaged (scarred) tissue due to a hot water scald some
months ago.
I have spoken to the lab + the best that they can offer is
that they may have arisen from fibroblasts, Schwann cells
or nerve sheath connective tissue cells. Considering this
I think that the water scald could have damaged the nerve
tissues somewhat resulting in these tumours.(Though the
lab say's there is no evidence of previous inflammation or
scar tissue) They are offering no advice other than to
keep removing them. My ferret (Zorro) had his seventh
tumour removed 3 weeks ago and already another is growing.
My vet is now clutching at straws and has suggested trying
pred (not sure what dose to try, ?either 1.25mg daily or
2.5mg daily) Would this be likely to supress the existing
tumour as it is still v.small or would I be better to have
this removed first + then start some Preds? I don't know
which way to turn at the moment and I am considering
sending another sample to a different lab to see if they
come up with any difference in diagnosis. Any ideas

Sick of tearing my hair out and shaving my ferrets hair

Sorry if i wasn't very clear earlier( I was trying not to
be long winded!) The area that the tumours are appearing
in is quite lare. It It covers an area starting 5 or 6 cm
up his back and goes down his right hind leg as far as his
hock. I have sent tumours off from his back and his leg
and this is where the labs say that the tumours are not
related even though they are of the same type!. The part
saying "undifferentiated" just means that they don't
recognise all the cells present and therefore can only
guess at its origin. Dr Bruce said after my first post
that it could be just one large tumour of the skin that is
erupting in these places, but as the area is too large to
excise I dont know what to do. I am not very up on chemo
for ferrets ( the doses we use on dogs + cats would be
probably quite dangerous in ferrets) and the only thing
that the vet whom I work with can suggest is Prednisolone,
but again I would be guessing at the dose.
I cant send any photos - 1. because I dont have a scanner
+ 2. because I'm a bit of a computor idiot! ( I haven't
had one very long!)
Estelle + Zorro + Biscuit(my healthy ferret)