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From: Donna Lee
Date: 2001-09-05 09:57:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Loss of use of hind legs

Well, this doesn't sound good I know, It sounds like
what my daughter's little one went through back in
May, one day she was fine the next day she couldn't
control her hind legs at all, she wanted to but
couldn't she tried so hard. And we didn't have the
money to get her to the vet to have the necessary
tests ran to find out what the problem was, and by
Saturday, May 12th, we lost her. But we did some
follow up checking with a vet and a few very specific
symptoms which we kept very close records of any
changes that she had temps, bowels, urine, eatiing, in
take of water, and so forth that we found that she had
a type of blood disease(cancer) that just overwhelmed
her whole body, an infection caused it. Still to this
day we are un-sure of what type of infection it was.
But I do wish you all the best, and I hope & pray that
your little one makes it out of this fine & in better
health. Please let me know how things are going with
your little one.
After we went through all of this I started
taking a correspondence course to become a veterinary
assistant, I passed, and received my Diploma for the
studies in which I took. I do care about all these
little one's here or I would not have taken the
course, I just wish I had have done it sooner so I
would have known what to look for with our little one.
Good Luck & God Bless you
Our prayers are with you,
Donna Lee
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> All day yesterday, he was fine, I saw him waddling
> across the living room about 10:30 PM, just fine,
> around midnight, he is dragging his hind end,
> trying to use the right rear, but failing.