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Date: 2001-09-05 09:46:00 UTC
Subject: young male DEW

I went into the petstore today to browse, but what I found was
heart break. I've always wanted a dew and there before my eyes
was one. I almost bought him on the spot along with his cage mate,
who I know is a biter, upon actual overview of the ferret I realized
that this little boy was having some issues. His belly was swollen
back towards his anus in an egg-shape but about a quarter ($.25)
size, but it didn't appear to be tender. He also had signs of
diharrea~feces caked on his hind legs and tail. I The feces in the
cage was of good color, but some of it was a little loose- presumably
his. They're fed O.N.E. Kitten food (40% protein,18% fat,2.5% fiber)
I really want to understand what is going on with him because I want
him. It is unsafe. His cage mate has been there for a while now,
they are in a small super pet cage with one ramp and one shelf. I
refilled the waterbottle while I was there because it was empty. I
just hope that whatever he has is not contageous for the sake of the
little girl. They both have marshall tattoos. It's very sad. Also
is it possible that the little guy is swollen from a neuter surgery.
the swelling is where I'd imagine the testes to be. Please give me
any info that you can ASAP.
> Thank you very much