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Date: 2001-09-05 06:48:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Colloidal Silver on -

Hi all and Matt :)

In a message dated 9/4/01 11:23:38 PM, mstaroscik@h... writes:

<< FWIW I am a biochemist and the healing properties of silver are indeed
"news" to me too. >>

I really hate to argue with folks on the net and start a flame war or
anything. But, I do need to respond to this.

For many many years, all babies born had silver nitrate placed in their eyes
to prevent infection at the time of birth. It was automatic.

Silver has been used in India for way too long for both medical and I think
religious reasons.

Silver was used primarily up until 1920-30, then was totally replaced in 1950
by all the antibiotics coming out. It wasn't until the 1950's that
antibiotics came into play.

As for the woman's story ... as with any thing, she may have had an allergy
to the silver or maybe a too high of a dosage and it became toxic. There are
any number of reasons that she turned gray. Bianca is not gray. She has
been on it for about a year. Though I keep the dosages small.

Just because one woman turned gray, doesn't mean everyone will. Please note
the question mark after colloidal silver. She is not sure that she took
colliodal silver, but knows she took CSP. Many metals can be colliodal, this
is just the method of getting it ready for absorption into the body.

I did a search on Argyria and came up with many things. Here are two.

Here is an article on about Argyria, the condition she has.

it seems to be the problem with too much silver nitrate or silver oxide, not
colloidal silver.

QUOTE from :
"I also advise reading full articles, not just vague, misleading internet
abstracts on colloidal silver and other silver products. All of the "scare"
articles pertain to other silver solutions, not colloidal silver, which has
been around for years. Studies on silver proteins (of much greater particle
concentration) and silver salts (i.e., silver nitrate, silver sulfate) do not
accurately depict true nature of electro-colloidal silver. Both have much
more silver in them and are much more concentrated than the solution I use.
It is those products that, though effective, are associated with argyria, or
blue-gray staining of the skin and organs due to excessive use and
accumulation of such high-dosed solutions, especially when used over a long
period of time. "

you can skim over the testimonial part and go down to the next section. she
has lots of links to other places.

I would advise everyone to thoroughly check out anything you are giving to
your babies or yourself. Even if it is over the counter. Talk to your vet
or regular Dr. about anything you are taking or giving.

NOTE: if Aspirin came out today, it would require a strong prescription,
because of it's many side effects and not compatible with certain medications.

Hugs to those who need them, even Matt.

kathy. and Bianca