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From: sharon allen
Date: 2001-09-05 14:03:00 UTC
Subject: Lucys' was adrenocarcinoma

Just got the pathology report back on Lucy. It showed
an "adrenocarcinoma that did not extend beyond the
encapsulation border". There was only one "mytosing
cell" and not hundreds, so it would appear that the
carcinoma was in the early stages and the surgery had
gotten it. The vet who did the surgery said that this
was only the second adrenocarcinoma that he had
handled, and he was surprised because the gland was
not all that enlarged. The right adrenal gland was
normal. And this from a ferret with hair loss,
aggression and a normal adrenal panel! That my vet
here and I had to fight to get another vet to do an
exploratory because the ultrasound was inconclusive

Lucy is back to her old rambunctious self, running and
playing and picking on the others like she did before
the surgery. Her vulva remains normal, and she is not
as aggressive as before the surgery. Now, I have been
reading the different lists' archives, and Dr.
Williams articles, and I still have questions. Even
though the right adrenal appeared normal, could
something be wrong and I am just being paranoid? She
is eating and drinking and doing everything and of
course it is only a week after surgery, but what do I
look for besides a swollen vulva and generally ill
health, as my vet said? Should I assume that the
surgery got it? (I will request a copy of the path
report when I take her in for suture removal on
friday). Am I just rambling here?

I am sorry that this is so long. Any advice is appreciated.

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