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From: Ferretwise
Date: 2001-09-05 14:41:00 UTC
Subject: re: Colloidal silver

Thanks to Kathy
She did a great job of trying to present a good counter for Matts article
on agyrria.

I want to post to the list readers about our recently departed Bear
FerretWise age 8.5-9 years who passed away after a LONG struggle with
cancer. Bear had been on colloidal silver for several years administered
in small doses during flare ups of infection due to a anal remnant which
remained after 2 surgeries.

At first he was on baytril but after several years
of repeated treatments of BAytril to counter infection and resulting
blindness in one eye - we used the gentler solution for antibiotic purposes.

It was at this time he had several masses and cancer was suggestive. After
several years on colloidal silver and 11 months on laetrile Bear was
finally released although he might have fought for months longer. His mass
had been consumed not a single fat pad remained and though Dr Williams did
not respond as anxious to examine the sections - necropsy revealed he had
a hot orange streak which ran from the hind end through all the organs and
ended on a mass on the liver. ( Oddly enough his appetite never waned with
the liver condition). It was sent off to a NH lab and we still await the

I have personally have no fear of using colloidal silver as a mild
antibiotic with the shelter animals and am convinced while it *may* help it
has never harmed the ferrets we have treated. We do not suggest anyone
treat a ferret with or FOR anything - unless proper diagnosis has been
made by a qualified veterinarian!

at Ferret Wise