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From: five out of six home safe
Date: 2001-09-05 14:54:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Colloidal Silver on
- reply

--- rappaho@a... wrote:

> It is those products that, though effective, are associated with
> argyria, or
> blue-gray staining of the skin and organs due to excessive use and

WOW! i can turn myself blue-grey by taking too much fo a certain type
of silver solution? i've got to find this stuff! i want to be
blue-grey... that would be amazingly rad. heh.

in more ferret-related discussion, i recently acquired some colloidal
silver from silver wings. i don't find it tasty, but my weezils do seem
to like it. gary holowicki suggested that i could just let them lick it
from the dropper until *they* thought they were done, but i think they
would drink the whole bottle if i did that! if i were to give it to
them as a treat--or to fight infection--what would be the largest
recommended dosage? the suspension that was sent to me is 250 (i
believe) ppm.

i was getting it as a "last resort" sort of thing for biscuit, but as i
have already posted, that turned out to be moot--he was gone by the
time i got it.

loki's still missing. i just hope he's okay out there somewhere... i
miss his soft, luxurious coat... i miss his tendency to fall asleep in
the middle of doing something and look so silly...

anyway. just wondering about the silver.

-a sad kat-

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