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From: Lisa Ferret mom
Date: 2001-09-05 17:45:00 UTC
Subject: Bee Stings

Have any of your ferrets ever suffered from bee
stings? This last week they have made several nests
and my landlord is promptly spraying them. As a
result, many of them are coming into the house. Today
I found my ferrets chewing on one on the kitchen

Have any of your ferts ever suffered from a sting?
What should I look for? I watched all 4 of our fur
kids and they all seem to be acting normally. I am
deathly allergic to them, so maybe I am just being a
little paranoid.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Trickster (Stinky), Pepper, Mitsy and Pristine

I wish I were a Teddy Bear - Everybody loves them! Nobody cares how fat the are! The older they get, the more they're worth!

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