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Date: 2001-09-05 17:55:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: toothpaste

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Maxi Guard Oral Cleansing Gel (it's not a paste)is made by Addison

Biological Laboratory, Fayette, Missouri. That's all it says on
bottle, so I have no phone number or address to give you.

This stuff claims one doesn't need to brush with it, just apply it
the teeth. Of course brushing with it is OK and gives better
results. It's a two-part deal that you mix after purchase. A
of gel and a capsule of ascorbic acid.

I use it on a small piece of gauze wrapped around a finger,
it on their teeth. The gauze provides a little abrasion and I
helps more than just putting the gel on their teeth. Some people
a piece of old (but clean!) pantyhose.

I use a kiddie toothbrush. Perfect size for ferrets mouths, gets
the back
teeth good, and if they decide to chomp.... your finger isn't there.

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