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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-09-06 01:33:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Odor associated with adrenal disease

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., skritchmas@y... wrote:
> I have heard that a healthy ferret has a tail that smells like
grape soda.
> I have also heard that if a ferret has a "burnt" smell,it is

You taught me something. I guess I've never smelled my ferts tail
before. We have tummy's that smell like baking bread sometimes and
you are right... six little tails that smell of grape soda.

Adrenal smell doesn't smell the least "burnt" to me. It smells more
like a medicinal/urine smell. Adrenal ferrets do have their own smell
though, very distinctive.. It wouldn't come and go as you describe.
The baking bread smell on the tummy seems to get stronger when we
cuddle, I've assumed that was a contentment thing but it could be
body heat.

Comparing one ferret coat to another ferret coat isn't a big help in
diagnosing adrenal. Saying it is silky but not fluffy wouldn't be a
clue if it has always been silky but not fluffy. Is it thinner than
once it was? Does it have a texture that feels almost dirty? The
agression would get my attention (again is it a new thing or has he
always been agressive with the females? Some ferrets don't like
ferrets and play much better with people.) The best clues that a
ferret is adrenal is comparing him now to how he was before. Is he
more agressive. Is his coat more sparse and thinning. If you search
the archives of the FHL we had an in depth discussion on adrenal
smell and alot of people tried to describe it. I'm just glad to know
someone besides me sniffs ferrets.