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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-09-06 01:59:00 UTC
Subject: Sniffing Adrenal Ferrets

That adrenal smell we keep talking about. Can anyone find words to
describe it that would allow someone who had never smelled it to
recognize it? I've called it a medicinal/urine smell but that
doesn't really sum it up well. Sukie once said it smelled hormonal,
but not many people have smelled a hormone. She summed up the
malignant cancer smell really really well once by calling it
sweet/rotty. That is so exactly what a malignancy smells like. I'd
like to hit the nail on the head with the adrenal smell so well!

We've run this thread before, but I can't encourage everyone enough
to sniff their ferrets. Diet, overall health, disease, an ear
infection, cancer, infection, adrenal, even a need for clean bedding
all are right there in a ferret's smell.

Anyone out there have an insulinomic ferret they can sniff for us? I
expect a fruity/whisky sort of odor, but am guessing. Is it stronger
in the breath or on the coat?