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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-09-06 04:25:00 UTC
Subject: Acronmyms and talking in code

I joined another list tonight.. for people who are owned by macaws.
The acronyms quickly became confusing, I felt as if everyone was
talking in a code I didn't understand. I instantly felt compassion
for all of our FHL new people as I struggled to piece together what
people were saying. Though I personally enjoyed the challenge, others
just might not have that kind of time to learn a new language.
Fortunately, some time ago, Pam set up a very informative list of
commonly used acronyms. Not only are there definitions but also
hyperlinks to detailed information on most subjects. It's a work of
art. Unfortunately, those who probably need it most may be the ones
that have no clue it's there or where to find it.. so I thought I
would remind all of us. Either go to the FHL main page and click
files and click acronyms or just use the link I've provided below