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Date: 2001-09-06 07:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Colloidal Silver on
- reply

hi kat and all :)

In a message dated 9/5/01 3:23:15 PM, weezilized@y... writes:

<< gary holowicki suggested that i could just let them lick it
from the dropper until *they* thought they were done, but i think they
would drink the whole bottle if i did that! if i were to give it to
them as a treat--or to fight infection--what would be the largest
recommended dosage? the suspension that was sent to me is 250 (i
believe) ppm.

this is an very strong amount. if it is 25, that is better. but 250 should
be dark brown.

I usually give Bianca about one dropper or less, about 1.0 ML to .25ML once a
day. (please note the decimal points) if she has gooier/very soft stools, i
reduce the amount. sometimes she only wants a lick or two. do not give her

If your baby already has soft stools or diarreah, i would give until stools
solidify a bit. there is a difference in the way the stool will look.

When i was just starting out with the silver, i gave her two droppers full
twice a day, but her fat pouches were bigger and she sneezed a more than
what was normal for a ferret. my vet and i believe it is an allergy, but
benadryl did not seem to help. now she is taking one dropper or just a lick
of the stuff and looking wonderful.

i usually use 25 ppm or 50ppm (parts per million).

i am so sorry you have lost a baby. i too have lost. i went from door to
door, i traced her trail to one house. they were very closed mouthed about
everything. i am sure that is where she was living.

i have heard of lost ferrets walking through cat and dog doors into someone's
house. hopefully your baby will too and find a nice home.

i train all my ferrets to come to a certain squeek toy. Bianca comes well to
that.member when training them is to let them come to you. dont just see
them and walk up to them and get them. they have to come to you!! this is
very important.

hugs to you and yours.

kathy. and Bianca