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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-09-06 14:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re:] Can I use Lactose free milk in duck soup?

I am not so sure these duck soup recipees are useful, I think the
gerber's meat baby food, or the Chicken gravy recipee is healthier,
and am not sure what purpose the Ensure serves in a ferret diet.
I have seen Ensure in a bottle,but you wouldn't use much and
end up discarding some, better off with a small 6 pack with
little cans. Wouldn't use the reduced fat,lactose free milk because
it doesn't serve any purpose, I thought the purpose of Ensure
was to provide a high calorie, nutritionally complete supplement
(well nutritionally complete for humans that is), and in my opinion soy
no place in ferret nutrition- they are obligate carnivores.

Maybe someone who does a lot of rescue work or sheltering
could suggest a good recipee, preferably without milk or soy.


On Thu, 06 Sep 2001 13:08:37 -0000 "Greg & Connie Gaddy"
<gaddyracing@y...> writes:
> Many of the duck soup receipes call for Ensure or Boost, which
> contain milk but are lactose free. I can only find it in 6 packs. I
> have two healthy ferrets and want to give them Duck soup about once
> a
> week so they are used to it and it will be easier to feed to them if
> they do become sick and need it. Since I only have 2 ferrets and
> they
> are healthy, I don't want to buy and entire 6 pack of Ensure. Can I
> subsistute Lactose free, reduced fat milk or maybe even Vitamite,
> which is a soy milk product?
> Thanks.