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Date: 2001-09-06 15:33:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bee Stings

I have only seen a bee sting on 2 cats, where the paw used to swat
the bee was stung. In both cases it was a bumblebee sting. The cats'
paws became very swollen and tender. I have never seen a ferret
stung, but would assume the reaction would be roughly the same, but
would probably be worse due to the smaller size of a ferret and the
fact that a sting would probably be on the face since ferrets tend to
bite at things instead of swatting them.

In your case, however, I would also be worried that the bee might
have been hit with some of the spray your landlord is using and that
your ferrets may get some of it from 'chewing on' any that make it
in. I may be paranoid about this, but it's why I won't use chemicals
in my garden. My cats regularly chew on the crickets that come inside
at the first hint of chill.

Best of luck with the insect invasion!

Anastasia Kidd

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., Lisa Ferret mom <ferretmom14559@y...>
> Have any of your ferrets ever suffered from bee
> stings? This last week they have made several nests
> and my landlord is promptly spraying them. As a
> result, many of them are coming into the house. Today
> I found my ferrets chewing on one on the kitchen
> floor!
> Have any of your ferts ever suffered from a sting?
> What should I look for? I watched all 4 of our fur
> kids and they all seem to be acting normally. I am
> deathly allergic to them, so maybe I am just being a
> little paranoid.
> Any input is greatly appreciated!
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