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From: Debra Thomason
Date: 2001-09-06 21:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Odor associated with adrenal disease

> Umm, does anyone know what tortilla chips smell means? My one girl smells
> like tortilla chips/taco shells (many people have said this) and
> was adrenal
> but had the left removed and is doing much better. She still smells like
> tortilla chips.

A long time ago it used to be fairly common for folks to talk about their
ferrets smelling like corn chips or Fritos when they'd been curled up inside
a towel or something for a long nap. It wasn't a burnt smell, just a corn
chip smell. I had ferrets that smelled like this too. Some of those
ferrets had adrenal disease, one had the carcinoma, which was persistant,
another had a left adrenal removed and never had a recurrence, and another
never had adrenal disease, though she did have insulinoma. I can't remember
when the last time I noticed this smell on my two remaining girls was, and I
have only rarely heard it mentioned on the FML anymore. I suppose I
suspected it was a bit of "you are what you eat." When better foods became
available and the ratio of corn in the diet dropped, the corn chip odor must
have gone with it in my household. Just some thoughts!

Debra in Fort Worth