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Date: 2001-09-07 12:36:00 UTC
Subject: Re: possible adrenal

> Marie, has the ferret been checked for the possibility of a
> protracted estrus? If that is the problem then it might soon
> very dangerous to do nothing.

No, this jill does not have protracted estrus. It's quite the
opposite, she spontaneously came out of heat after only one week (and
she has not been subjected to protracted estrus previous in her life
either.) The other five jills she is housed together with, continued
their estrus normally until being mated after 14 days.
I take it the symptoms of adrenal disease are the same, regardless if
the ferret is intact or neutered?
What I would like to know is if an adrenal growth can cause an intact
jill to come out of a normal estrus, rather than inducing signs of
I'm asking mainly for future references. The owner of the jill has
now told me he will have her spayed anyway later this year, and then
hopefully we will find out if she has adrenal or not.