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From: Katherine Kingsbury
Date: 2001-09-07 12:02:00 UTC
Subject: using the animal's smell to help diagnose

I've seen a few posts lately on adrenal ferrets having
a distinct smell. Someone called this unscientific...
I don't know about adrenal ferrets, but working at an
animal hospital, there have been several times an
animal can just walk into a clinic and we can diagnose
them from across the room (we don't use this as the
actual diagnosis, of course a vet looks the animal
over to diagnose). Demodectic mange, for example, has
a very distinctive does parvo poop, yeast,
I've noticed the smell of diabetic cats being "off"...

So while I agree sense of smell shouldn't be used
solely to diagnose, there is some basis for it..


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