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From: katharine
Date: 2001-09-07 19:45:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: ECE?

Stephanie wrote:
<Well, it's looking like it is ECE as Shasta has
now come down with it. So, my question now is, is
Flagyl good for this?<

Flagyl (metranidazole) used to be one of the drugs
of choice for the prevention of secondary
problems resulting from ECE. In the
September/October issue of Ferrets magazine, Dr.
Kemmerer wrote an article about ECE. After
initial in-hospital care, her new protocol is
"oral Alpha Interferon for at least two weeks,
oral antibiotics (Amoxicilllin or Baytril) for at
least two weeks, feedings of AD or baby food with
Ritrol until the ferret eats on its own, oral
prednisolone at least every other day for a
minimum of two weeks, and oral cimetidine to
prevent ulcers and excess gastric secretion for up
to two weeks."

She further recommends "the use of echinacea to
help the immune system in ECE patients". She also
recommends "the use of milk thistle to help lower
liver enzymes".

It sounds like an awful lot to me but I ain't a
vet. When we had ECE here, flagyl was still the
drug used. It was a nightmare getting Cedes and
Lany to take it. It is vile stuff! Luckily, none
of the drugs are for an extended period of time in
most cases.

And, for the record, after nearly a year since
Cedes and Lany came down with ECE (October 2000),
Lany STILL has green, mucousy, slimy stools on
occasion. Hers have never been normal since.
They are always seedy. But, she feels great and
eats well so I don't worry about it. She's 6 1/2
and still going strong.