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Date: 2001-02-21 04:04:00 UTC
Subject: Intro

I never did post my intro so I should start there. I know some of you
from the FML and FOB and the shows. I have 2 addys both have something
to do with ferretrgang. The r standing for Russell. :0) I am also
known as Mslyd.
When I met my hubby he had 2 ferrets. I fell in love with him and
them. We now have 13 ferrets living in our house. Only one of ours
came from a pet shop, my little snickers. The rest are rescues. I was
really blessed when I found the FML and it lead me to other places. I
am so glad to be able to ask questions about things I don't have
experience with.
Our little girl Britney came to us last oct. Her other mom said she
has always had off and on green poopies. But it was getting more on
than off. I at first thought it was stress. Being moved and having 7
other ferrets in the house. Her cage was only an inch off the ground
and she could see when the other ferrets were out and went crazy to
bite them. But after a almost 2 weeks straight of green we took her to
the vet. Amoxy and (I can't remember the name now) but another med was
given to help her. After two week she was off and on the green. We
changed her cage putting her up high so there wasn't any fighting, but
I am still getting green off and on.
She is 5 y/o not very big, I think she is 2 lbs. (Sorry I am at work
and can't remember anything). I am wondering if there is something I
should be doing for her. I have slowly changed her food, she now gets
iams and totally ferret. She still has all of her cage mates. I know
that the other mom and her were real close but I finally have her
coming to me for attention. She gets plenty of time out. . Anybody
have any suggestions?
Lydia and the crew
Snickers, Casper, Bubba, Smokey, Trooper, Sassy, Murray
Britney, Rusty, Angel, Woozel, Duncan, and Tubby
Missing Mr. Snowman. Isis, and Ossi