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From: the return of weezilarchy
Date: 2001-09-08 05:07:00 UTC
Subject: miracles do happen.

loki was brought home to us about half and hour ago. other than being a
bit skinny, so far, he appears to be fine--and much, *much* better than
i thought he would be if i ever saw him again.

i need sleep, but since i was alread woken up to the best news
possible, i figured i'd make sure eveyone else knew, too!

thanks for everyone who kept us in your thoughts. my broken-butt boy is
back! all the fuzzies are back! no more being sick with worry. i'm so,
so very grateful to the fuzzydeities.


,',', __
\ `'`,/ \ ()o=;
`'`','`/ . \/ /
( / \" /
\(_ \(_ ferrets may nip, but people just suck.

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