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Date: 2001-09-08 02:36:00 UTC
Subject: Problem with ferrets ear

My Brutus also recently presented with bleeding from his ear. It cleared up
with antibiotic drops (tresaderm), but I had my vet look under anesthesia,
and he too has a mass in his ear canal that bleeds very easily. We have sent
a fine needle biopsy off for cytology. My vet has never removed a tumor like
this. Lisa's vet worked on Kyle for this with good results, but he had to
have the whole canal removed. I'm wondering about electrocautery or
cryosurgery. I'm interested in reading what experience any of the vets have
had with this problem, as I'm sure Daisy (below) is too.

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From: daisyheadmaisy_2000@y...

The vet said that Jerry has polyps in his ear. These may be due to a
reoccurring ear infection or cancer. She said that this type of ear
cancer has become a ferret issue. ( Oh great, one more thing ) We are
treating it with an ear cleansing with Oticalm, and two drops every
12 hours of baytril otic, and synotic. Jerry is not eating much of
anything and has lost a few ounces. <<<<