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From: mjo
Date: 2001-09-08 08:39:00 UTC
Subject: re:rabies and distemper to be given seperate?

>One last thing, is it possible that just because they
>have never had a reaction, they someday could (given
>the same brand is always used)?

In 7 years of getting my ferrets vaccinations together I never had
any sort of reaction. Not until last spring at the shot clinic our
shelter held. My vet always asked if I wanted them both (she
doesn't like to give both at the same time) but since I live 85 miles
away and have several ferrets, and never had any reactions I always
said no, they could have both. Never again!

I had taken 5 in for their yearly vaccinations and my vet does
"require" you wait around for 20-30 min. just to make sure there are
no reactions. I was talking to one of the other "moms" at the
clinic and took out one of my kids to show how she's starting adrenal
again when she said, "she's crashing". My Lady is a DEW but looked
blue, VERY lethargic, no response. I rushed her into the back where
they administered benedryl and ??? plus put her on oxygen. After
about 30 min. she was okay. But we started checking my other four
and one of them started having attacks of vomiting and then diahrea,
so back in he goes! Pepper's wasn't as severe, but could have been
so he had the benedryl and etc. also. Both of these kids were 5
years old at the time.

So in answer to your question, yes, after several years of no
reactions, all of a sudden they can get one, and it could be major!
My vet told me if I hadn't waited around we would have lost Lady and
quickly. From now on the club will only be administering one
vaccination, because another of the ferrets at the clinic also had a
reaction. Too scary! My vet had decided no more "two shot"
vaccinations. And with the distemper, she now pre-treats with

mjo and the zoo......