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Date: 2001-09-09 05:40:00 UTC
Subject: Re:Question regarding Ulcer treatment

My ferret with cardiomyopathy has also developed ulcers. Symptoms
have been weight loss (lack of appetite), grinding teeth, sometimes
black and tarry stools and lethargy. He was started on ulcer
treatment on Wednesday. Per the AVMA vet conference in Boston,
treatment includes:

Bland diet of babyfood
1 ml Biaxin (50 mg/ml) PO QD
0.4 ml Amoxi (50 mg/ml) PO BID
1.0 ml Carafate (100 mg/ml) PO TID before meals


Although I have never Biaxin because my vet told me it is only given for
ulcers if heliobacter?? is suspected. In Bandit's case he advised me to use
the Pepcid a/c (2- 10mg pill suspended in 15-20 mls of water) twice a day. I
also give Bandit the carafate ten minutes before his meal and that seems to
help too. I know what you mean about stressing them out to much that
happened to me when I tried to start Bandit on the flagyl??

Hope that helps,