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From: Cecilia McNamara
Date: 2001-09-09 17:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Lasix/heart/potassium levels

Hello: A friend of mine has a little girl about 6 years old with heart
probs and also taking the same meds. Her vet suggested bananas for the
potassium. So she gets that mixed with some ferretvite every day. Seems
to be doing quite well.


Guszak@a... wrote:

> Hello all,
> I haven't had the need to address this group tho' I've been reading
> for a
> long time. Now I have a question.
> My Zak, age 6 1/2, was recently diagnosed with congestive heart
> problems.
> He's currently taking .15ccs of lasix twice a day along with 1/2 tab
> daily of
> Enacard. So far, so good.
> Now for my question. I, myself, take BP meds which include a diuretic.
> A
> couple of years ago, I wound up in the Cardiac Unit with a wildly
> irratic
> heartbeat. Turned out my body was way low on potassium as a result of
> the
> diuretics I take every day. To avoid that occurence again, I now take
> a
> potassium tab (more like a horse pill! LOL) every other day.
> Should/can I give Zak a small amount of potassium in his soup. Has
> anyone
> ever discussed this or isn't it necessary with ferrets?
> Thanks for any input you can offer.
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