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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-09-10 14:24:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Segregation of ADV (+ )vs( - )

If the ADV test is looking at antibodies, if it is negative that means
the ferret has no antibodies and probably not enough exposure
to make antibodies- so no the ferret could still get ADV with
enough exposure.
Once the ferret has antibodies the question is moot, I think it
is like HIV where you are exposed and HIV positive for the
antibodies you will eventually get it.

Since ADV is not fully understood as far as transmission, it may
be possible to have certain ferrets not get it- maybe need
a certain amount of saliva or close,intimate contact?

If the ADV test were to look for the acutal virus itself then
it would be a different story.


> Does this mean that, if your ferrets have already been exposed but
> still test negative, that it's OK to put a ADV+ ferret with them?
> Once they have been exposed, they can't get ADV from a future
> ferret?
> I can't seem to ask the question right, but maybe someone will
> understand it.
> Katharine
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