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From: Jumpintothelight
Date: 2001-09-10 16:10:00 UTC
Subject: Re: t] question about partial hair loss on the back/patty

He went down fast and we took him to the vet today. The vet said
before he starts IV's and does a blood test, he wanted to talk to
us. He found him, parden the spelling, anemic because his lips were
white. Found the hairloss from adrenal disease and had a lump in his
abdomin that he did not think was the adrenal gland. Also there was
some lower intestinal problems. So he said he could open him up and
see what is going on and maybe fix it but was doubtful. He said that
he could give him IV's and we could take him home but we would be
back in a week. He suggested that we put him down.
When my son's, and ofcourse my grief subsides, I will ask my son to
write this stuff down that was wrong with him and I will share it on
this group so others can learn from this experience.
I appreciate you answers and your concern. My son is going to bury
him under a bush, where he liked to dig. His name was Riki.

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., Steve Austin <kazpat1@j...> wrote:
> I am sorry your son's ferret is not well.
> I doubt there will be any answers here, and I am afraid
> the only way to truely know may be a visit to the vet.
> As with any pet, if he is not eating, vomiting, diarrhea, weight
> loss, not urinating well, weak or very ill looking a vet visit
> can not wait
> If he is eating and drinking, then here are some starter questions:
> How old is he? Has he ever been ill?
> What diet is he on,and how much is he eating. Any trouble
> urinating- may not know this unless you see him try to go.
> The questions about how much stools and how they look
> will help as well.
> Any other changes in behaviour.
> WHen he is out and exploring, any easy fatigue, or hind leg
> weakness- trouble climbing, or walking on floor?
> Also, read up on some common ferret medical problems by
> searching the archives here on adrenal disease, insulinoma,
> lymphoma and skin tumors. or a quicker way is to go to
> and look under medical FAQ and
> links to other sites for more medical information.
> Even if it doesn't apply to the ferret today, it certainly doesn't
> hurt to be prepared,and be aware of possible problems.
> Good luck,
> Patty
> :
> > My son's ferret, Rickie, has lost patches of hair on his back.
> > was read and my son said he was scratching. There was no broken
> > skin
> > so we used neosporine on it and the redness went away. He did
> > loose energy or eating habits. Just recently he has not eaten
> >
> > well and seems to sleep alot. My son did change the location of
> >
> > cage just before the eating habit change. We cannot afford a vet
> > this month but I am a little concerned. I am open for
> > and I certainly will get more information about his habits after
> > reading some of the posts. I will ask about bowel movements and
> > water drinking. He has no problem eating Ferretone. I certainly
> > will do my best to answer any questions anyone may have.
> >
> > Pete