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Date: 2001-03-05 09:12:00 UTC
Subject: Update on Bad Food

I called Perfomance Foods and they said that it is fine. They said the
smell might be due to the time the bad was filled--like the beginning
of the batch--done in Feb. I have been contacted by another ferret
owner who had the same batch and said that it smelled bad and that she
isn't using it. The batch number is B1R06A. Should I trust
Performance Foods? I would just take it out, except being the smart
person I am, I already had dumped it and mixed it (in zero degree
temperature out on the porch) and then really noticed it when it warmed
up. I don't want to have to throw away the twenty pounds of food that
is mixed with it. So should I start picking it out? Augghhhhhh!