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From: weezul
Date: 2001-09-11 02:21:00 UTC
Subject: Query re Revolution dose

I have been told by my (ferret knowledgeable) vet that
I should use a tube of Large Dog Revolution for my

He said to give my smaller ferrets 8 drops each, and
the large ferrets 10 drops each, so I've been counting
the drops into a spoon then using a syringe to suck it
up and then squirt onto their necks.

I must say it works out really cheaply, as one tube
covers my 6 with stuff left over.

Do any vets think that it would harm the ferrets to
use the Dog Revolution rather than the Cat one?


owned by 6

--- AFERRETVET@c... wrote:

> Revolution: the cat size (5-15 pounds) is the
> recommended
> dose for a ferret. Apply the whole tube to each
> ferret.
> If fleas are the only problem then you might want to
> use
> Frontline or advantage. Both work better for fleas.
> Yes,
> Revolution will kill and treat ear mites, PREVENT
> heartworms,
> and treat ticks too. Revolution does not actually
> kill heartworms.
> Hope that helps,
> Jerry Murray, DVM

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