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Date: 2001-09-11 08:18:00 UTC
Subject: hair loss/ adrenal

Hi! I'm new to the list and have learned many things already. I
looked this up in the archives and it brought up over 700 entries so
I'm hoping that someone won't mind helping me out, even if it has
been asked before because that is a lot of messages to go through. My
ferret is 2 years old this month. When he was about 1 he lost his
hair on his tail for about 6 months. It grew back beautifully. During
that time, the vet said to watch for other signs of adrenal but since
he was so young, did not think that this was the case. He did have
little blackheads on his tail. Well, a few weeks ago I noticed a bald
spot on his head and reading the recent posts figure it could be
ringworm or adrenal. I'm concerned because it seems as though
sometimes the adrenal is caught too late to save the ferret. I don't
want this to happen to my little guy but I'm pretty sure if I go to
the vet he will tell me just to watch him again. Everything else is
normal -eating, sleeping, playing, poop, etc. The bald spot has tiny
red spots on it. Sorry to write so long. Any help is appriciated.
with Machismo and Muchacho