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From: The Ferret Aid Society
Date: 2001-09-11 12:49:00 UTC
Subject: World Trade Disaster- Toronto

On behalf of all of us in Toronto, I want to send you our prayers and love.
I couldn't believe my eyes or ears this morning when the news came across.
This is just so shocking.

I also want to offer our assistance if we can do anything to help. A lot of
flights are being grounded in Toronto and if any of you have friends or
relatives that need somewhere to go, please call me. 905-275-5844. If any of
you need a place for ferrets to stay Paige and I can help.

With love and many, many prayers

Randy Melanie Belair
The Ferret Aid Society
"For The Love of Our Fuzzy Friends"

Work like you don't need the money... Love
like you've never been hurt...And dance like no one's watching!

<Mod's note - I realize this isn't strictly ferret related, even with the laws in NY city on ferrets there may well be some that need to be relocated. I think we are all pretty much in shock.. I know my bottom jaw still won't come up off the floor and I keep expecting someone to announce that the whole thing was an Orson Welles production. Anyhow. In the interest of maintaining order. I'm going to ask that offers to help be held off. If cries for help start coming in than we will either suspend the rules or coordinate efforts through the FML after the other mods and BIG figure out what is going to be the most efficient. Randy, please cross post this to the FML if you haven't already done so.. You have a great big heart :) >