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From: Vicky
Date: 2001-09-11 21:47:00 UTC
Subject: insulinoma and other health questions

Hi friends,

This post is for any veterinarians or experienced ferret owners that
can help answer my questions.

Buddy is my 6.5 year old MF male. He was given to me in June when
his owner could not afford to have a cyst removed. I took him to the
vet, the cyst was removed, it was benign. Since then, he's been very
happy and seemingly healthy. His owner said that he has always drank
a lot of water. Since he's lived with me, he's drank as much as than
3 "normal" ferrets combined. I posted about him several weeks ago
with no replies... he has developed several blue/black spots on his
anus, which I have been told my a shelter director look like pallups
(sp?). They do not bother him at all and I am not concerned about
them right now.

However, within the past 2 weeks, Buddy has become increasingly more
lethargic. He is eating and drinking, is hydrated, but his hair
feels more dull than usual. For several days he had bright green,
moucousy poops, but they have stopped. Saturday we took a glucose
reading at the ferret shelter I volunteer for... it was 36. Today he
went to the vet and it was 39, so he has been started on pred. The
dosage is 0.5 cc 2x a day for 5 days, then 0.5 cc 1x a day for 5
days, then as needed. Is this a usual prescription? I thought that
it would be something that he should take daily for the rest of his
life. Can someone tell me I should give it to him "as needed" after
the first 10 days or if I should continue to give it to him daily?

Thanks, Vicky