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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-09-12 10:31:00 UTC
Subject: Service and emergency personnel

Should you need to leave rapidly and your ferrets need care:

There is a copy of the SOS shelter list in the FHL files (fourth item

Bill Gruber kindly provided the following information for another way
to access the SOS list for your ferrets.

If you ever misplace your copy or want to be sure
you didn't miss a mailing, please send e-mail to LISTSERV@C...

In the body of the e-mail, write SEND SHELTER LISTS
(note, the final S on LISTS). You'll then be automatically e-mailed
with the last copy.


I expect that shelters and others will be able and willing to provide
temporary homes for your little furry ones so that you don't need to
worry about them.