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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-09-12 07:38:00 UTC
Subject: Re: polyps and insulinoma


> I was so scattered yesterday with the crisis in our
> country, I actually forgot to ask the vet about the
> polyps.
No surprise there, I've been catching up on my desk work with CNN
on behind me. I'll be surprised if my check book balances.

> A CBC was done on him 2 months ago. Yesterday just
> the glocuse level was taken. Dr. S. said that there
> is a test she can do which would determine for sure
> that it is insulinoma, but that it is $80 and that she
> didn't feel it's necessary. Would you recommend that
> I have that test done? What are the normal procedures
> for diagnosing insulinoma?
Actually, I was thinking of a CBC/chem profile to check his kidney
function, among other things. I like to make sure the insulinoma is
the only problem. And a BG of 36 is diagnostic, you don't need any
other test.

> As far as protein, she did not tell me anything. I
> have been feeding him chicken baby food before the
> pred.

> This is a new vet for us, as I just moved to
> Lancaster, PA. I've been told that this animal
> hospital is the most ferret knowledgable, however I'm
> really doubting at least this vet's knowledge of
> ferrets.
Not sure where that is, so can't recommend anyone. Maybe Dr Heller
can, she's in the Pittsburgh area.

Hope this helps,
-Dr. Karen

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