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From: the return of weezilarchy
Date: 2001-09-12 12:11:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Revolution

--- amortimer@a... wrote:
> I have seen many things written lately about Revolution for use in
> ferrets and it all has been okay except for dosage. I could not
> believe my eyes when I saw a post saying to apply a whole cat sized
> tube per ferret! Even if it is safe to use in ferrets "off label"
> why, would you use an entire tube for 5-15lb cats on what usually
> ranges from 1-4 pound ferrets? Waste of money and playing with fire
> if one turns out to react to it like some do with Advantage or
> Frontline.
> Each tube for 5-15lb cats contains .75cc/ml of liquid and by doing
> simple math, you can come up with .05cc/ml being the dosage per
> pound.

the tubes my vet gave me were, IIRC, for kittens, and (this i am
certain of) contained .25 cc of revolution. he told me to divide each
tube evenly between two ferts, which meant each 1-3 pound weasel gt
roughly 1.2 cc of revolution.

if a .75 cc ube is safe for cats and kittens from five pounds, then
presumably the largest *safe* dosage per pound would be somewhere
around 1.5 cc per pound.

of course, sinc we're dealing with a different species, this is to some
extent all guesswork an presumption based on other medications and
their uses. none of mine reacted to the revolution, but i have yet to
see if they stop scratching their ears.


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