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From: Vicky
Date: 2001-09-12 20:22:00 UTC
Subject: Re: polyps and insulinoma

Russ wrote:
> Booger has low blood sugar, but doesn't act like he has insulinoma.
> vet offered a test that cost right around $80 to be sure. It was a
> combination of glucose, insulin and the ratio of the two. He
> has it from the readings. See, if the blood sugar and insulin
levels are
> both low, something else is interfering with his blood sugar, but if
> glucose is low and insulin is high, it indicates that he is making
> much insulin.

That sounds exactly like what Dr. S was talking about. He's actually
beginning to respond to the pred and seems to have a *teensy* bit
more energy. He's 6.5 years old and since I had him always had a
good deal of energy. Within the past 2 weeks he's gone downhill fast
as far as extreme lethargy and approximately 8 - 10 oz weight loss.
He's beginning to perk up with the pred, so I think we've got our
solution. I will check his glucose level in a week or two at the
ferret shelter and we will adjust his dosage as needed.

Thanks everyone for your help. It sounds like I'm doing the right
things with him.
Vicky :)