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From: Kathy Gillette
Date: 2001-09-13 01:47:00 UTC
Subject: Thank you!!

Hi! Everyone!

This is my first writing to the group. After the events of the
past couple of days,you all need to hear this.
To make a long story short,6 weeks ago our 7yr old boy Rusty
(the cutest silver mitt on earth) was near death. He was
weak,dehydrated and had lost a lot of weight. Our vet told us
to consider putting him down (he has been on Lasix for 1.5

My wife Kathy found you (FHL),and between the vet and FHL
advice/info we used,our boy is now dancing and dooking all
over the house! A very happy and healthy boy indeed!

The diagnosis? Infection from gingivitis. I had no idea this
could be so serious. We are much more informed about ferret
health now and reading/learning more every day on FHL.

Will write later on his treatment, just wanted you all to know
how much you helped and give y'all an e-hug from the Ozarks
(you guessed it Russ, I are a redneck ;-)

Thank you all again very much!

Marty,Kathy,Rusty and Poppy